Stop Asking and Start Putting

Looking back upon my earliest years as a new Christian believer, I can’t begin to count the number of times I raised my hand to receive Christ when given the opportunity after a compelling message. Over and over again, I wanted to be sure… beyond a shadow of doubt that I was saved! If there… Read More ›

Tender Shepherds

As we approach the Christmas season, we find ourselves continually reminded of the shepherds in the fields, on the eve of Christ Jesus’ birth. To those blessed few, an angel appeared and declared the birth of the Messiah and in obedience to the message of  angel, they went to see a baby in a manger…… Read More ›

A Twenty-Word Prayer

Could a mere twenty words truly hold enough impact to become a prayer worth praying daily… even throughout the day? Let’s examine Psalm 86:11 and consider the depth of opportunity to pray God’s Word: “Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name.” I… Read More ›

Abolishing The Accusations

Accusations, inflammatory insults and guilt upon guilt… Oh, how the enemy would love for us to live under such condemnation, fear and despair. But rest assured, that his attempts to discourage the believer in Christ are solely based upon lies and not facts. Let us examine the truth, the truth to be found in God’s… Read More ›

Dikaioumenoi dōrean tē autou chariti

If you’re not familiar with Greek, then the title of this devotional is without meaning unless it becomes translated into English. Dikaioumenoi dōrean tē autou chariti, means “Being justified freely by his grace.” And yet, even while reading in our English language millions of people have no better understanding of it’s meaning, than that of… Read More ›

Holding Tight, While Letting Go

1 Timothy 6:12         “Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have confessed so well before many witnesses.” Hold tightly – in the Greek “epilabou”  literally means: to take hold, seize, apprehend, grasp tightly, having a firm grip It’s one thing… Read More ›

God Gave So We Could Get

There is virtually no end to what one could potentially write about when attempting to list all, which God has provided to us. Even if a person attempted to amass a most comprehensive list, it would still come up short. For each new day brings forth from God, new areas of provision, wisdom, insights and… Read More ›

How Are You Spending Your Inheritance?

Our country is filled with Financial Planners who make it their sole profession to provide wisdom and guidance to their clients, in hopes of encouraging them to become perceptive saving strategists. With the unprecedented uncertainties of the stock market and the global economy being so volatile these days, people are scrambling to find safe sources… Read More ›

The “I’s” of Jesus’ Ministry

The “I’s” of Jesus’ Ministry

Having studied numerous books on discipleship, mentoring and spiritual growth, I’ve come to believe, that authentic discipleship is best learned from the greatest teacher. If one truly desires to become an authentic follower of Christ and obey His command to go make disciples, then I submit we should look to the “I’s” of His ministry,… Read More ›