Children’s Check-In

Electronic Check-Ins, 2 Ways to Check-in:

1. Use Your Phone Number:

For most existing members your phone number will be in our system. Simply enter your number on the check-in iPad, and it will bring up your family members.

If you are new or unsure if you are in the system, fill out the online registration form below or download the form and return it to the church lobby or office:

Online Registration Form:

Register your Family for Electronic Check-Ins

Parent Information


Child's Information

Please fill out the fields below for each child. Leave extra fields blank. Scroll to the bottom to and click the "Register" button to complete the form.

1st Child:


2nd Child:


3rd Child:


4th Child:


5th Child:


6th Child:


7th Child:




Download Registration Form:

2. Use the App

Check in from home or on your way to church!
Download the “Church Center” App in the Apple or Google Play Store:

Step by step instructions for the App:

  1. Follow prompts. You will need to enable locations (temporarily) to search “local churches”. Calvary Chapel Santee should be an option OR you might be able to enter Calvary Chapel Santee & enter postal code 92071. Select CC Santee icon.
  2. It will ask you to enter your phone number; then text you an access code to enter. You should see your name and be logged in.
  3. On Sat., Sun., Wed., or whenever there is an event with Children’s Ministry at church, click on “Check-In” icon (√ inside a circle) at the bottom right of Church Center App.
  4. Select the child(ren) you will be checking-in. You will be given a bar (qr) code.
  5. Once at church, select the camera side on the iPad and scan the bar (qr) code.  Nametags / Claim tags will print.

You can also watch this video on pre-checking in your kids: