Is It Time For a Checkup?

Is It Time For a Checkup?

In reading through the story of Job, you’ll discover much about the man, but most importantly, you will find the hand of God, in His perfect sovereignty and faithfulness. You’ll come to realize, that God is unceasingly at work behind the scenes of our lives and our understanding, for our good and His glory.

While studying the account of Job’s arduous journey, it would be easy for most of us to read from a perspective of, “That pertains to him” rather than, “How does that pertain to me?”

One of the passages of Job, which has truly ministered to my heart in the area of spiritual accountability, is that from chapter thirty-one. When reading through the first fourteen verses, I’ve discovered a most poignant list of questions to be contemplated. A spiritual check-up list if you will… When asking the Holy Spirit for relevance in my life today, I only need to study the text from a perspective of accountability and most profoundly, those fourteen verses become all I can seem to digest with introspective reflection of my heart before God.

With Bible in hand, take a few minutes to read through Job 31:1-14.

OK – now allow me to lead you through this passage:

Verse 1           Have I ever considered entering into a personal covenant with my eyes, not to lust after that, which would displease God? With the same eyes I so desire to see God more clearly, to see my risen Lord, high and lifted up in all His glory… Have I made a pact with these same eyes not to lustfully look towards anything that would lead me into potential sin?

Verse 2           How will God bless me, should I fail? How will He answer my prayers if I allow my eyes to continually seek, to longingly look after and desire the very things, which He forbids for me?

Verse 4           Is there anything in my heart, in my thoughts and in my every step that God doesn’t see with perfect clarity? He sees me far more clearly than I see myself and to possibly conceive otherwise is merely to attempt to fool myself.

Verses 5-7      Am I walking in falsehood, in denial of the very sins that the Holy Spirit is longing to convict me of so that I might confess, repent and be restored to a rightful glorious relationship with God?

Verse 14         I’ve found the NLT to hold within its text, two questions so paramount to one’s life, that if reflected upon throughout the day, would prompt us to give more prayerful consideration to our words, thoughts and actions:

“How could I face God?

“What could I say when He questioned me?

My prayer – that God would keep these two questions at the forefront of my life… because one day, I will face God and He will question me as to my faithfulness and stewardship of that which He entrusted to me.

Romans 14:10           “For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.”