Most Excellent Way — Friends & Family

Friends & Family support program: 

      • Do you have a family member or friend that is struggling with addiction?
      • Does everything you do to help seem to backfire?
      • Have your relationships with them become strained?
      • Is there anger, resentments, or even hostility when you try to help?
      • Do you have trouble establishing boundaries?
      • Do you feel helpless, and do not know if there is a solution.

We Focus On:

      • God’s Word — not our feelings.
      • Love — not bitterness and resentment.
      • Forgiveness — not retaliation.
      • Hope — not self-pity.
      • Doing — not excusing.
      • Accepting — not blaming.
      • Living one day at a time as unto the Lord — not
        marinating in and whining about the unchangeable past.

There is a Biblical solution and that is what this ministry is all about. We learn that we will never experience peace and joy-filled lives (spiritual happiness) until God is enough for us and everything to us — just as those struggling with addiction learn ‘surrender of self to the Lord, their loved ones  also learn how to be understanding and supportive

The Most Excellent Way and the Friends and Family meetings both meet each week on Wednesday at 7pm in the youth trailers out back. 

Leader: Finley McDonald & Tony Ford Email
Location: Calvary Chapel Santee